Conundrum team building strategists help build relationships within your teams,
and allow co-workers to share strategy and emotion in ways they never expect.  


At Conundrum, we specialize in Corporate Team Building events designed to create the adventure, excitement, fear, and playfulness that we had in our youth, while developing strategy and relationships with our teams and co-workers. Our head Team Strategist will work with your event coordinator to develop team building activities that are relevant, fun and entertaining for your crews while they take turns in our escape room experiences.


Our partnerships with great local catering restaurants can provide lunch, dinner or apps based upon your budget and desires. The steampunk-ish Intrigue Lounge is event friendly with our hidden speakeasy lounge and main bar room to host your group.  Conundrum’s facility can accommodate groups of up to 45 people. For more detailed information, please email us a request and we’ll send you sample agenda and pricing.


If you’re looking for a memorable event like no other for your team, you have found it.  We aim to astonish!

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    Asheville's premier Escape the Room Adventures. Conundrum melts ludicrous escape scenarios with dramatic story-lines and overtones found on Hollywood sets. You've never had an experience like this...

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    Conundrum is perfect for groups or couples.
  • Small groups of up to 8 will enter a mystery/escape adventure together, and can stay, puzzle and drink before or after in the Intrigue Lounge.
  • Large groups will be broken into teams, who can compete against each other, and be entertained in the lounge for the duration of the event.
  • Corporate/Team building, Birthdays and celebrations, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Date-nights, and Any-day Downtown fun. Family friendly too.